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Easy Shipper

Easy Shipper - freeware is instrument that simplifies Your everyday job with dispatches.

Easy Shipper is an appendix, that is set on the personalcomputer, and gives an opportunity to fill invoices and otheraccompanying documents quickly and easily. In basis of theprogram rich experience of the use and introduction ofsoftware is inlaid in the field of transport logistic.

With Easy Shipper you will be able:
independently to create and print invoices and the manifests;
to use templates for rapid creation of new invoices;
to save pin data of business-partners in an address book;

Presently Easy Shipper is in the active stage of developmentand functional possibilities of appendix will be considerablyextended soon.

System requirements:

For the receipt of code of activating it is necessary to write a letter with pointing of client number and name of company, pin data of user, including telephone number and address of e-mail. It is also necessary to specify the serial number of Easy Shipper (he will be represented in a division "About theprogram").

On all questions, related to work of the program EasyShipper, apply addition to the supply of numbers of invoicesto this address